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CEO Endorsements

Indra K. Nooyi
Former Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo
Board Member, Amazon

At Mach49 we work with Global 500 companies to unlock venture-driven growth through venture building and venture investing with asset-heavy industries leading the way. These companies realize they have left over $4 trillion dollars on the table in the form of startups they could have and should have created themselves. Many of the from-to-shifts these companies are making require they build a superpower around digitization, harnessing the power of data and AI to not just survive, but to thrive. Fusion Strategy is a masterpiece on this topic. We are recommending that every one of our clients from the board room to the C-suite to managers across all functions read this book.

Linda Yates
Founder CEO
Mach49, a Silicon Valley Incubator

Data and AI are drivers of value creation for Thermo Fisher. The authors have studied how digital companies have won in the asset-light segments of the economy and share practical wisdom on how to navigate and win in this environment. Fusion Strategy will become part of the vocabulary of how we think about winning.

Marc N. Casper
Chairman, President and CEO
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Fusion Strategy moves beyond the buzzword hype around data and AI and brings much needed clarity and strategic direction for the backbone of our economy – the industrial sector.

Marc Bitzer
CEO, Whirlpool Corporation

Fusion Strategy makes the compelling case that the laws of competitive advantage have changed, rewarding those who have the most robust real time insights rather than the most valuable physical assets. Digital has been key pillar of Honeywell strategy and having seen positive impact of this on our business, I would strongly recommend executives in industrial businesses to read this book and learn how to integrate hardware and software to create customer value.

Vimal Kapur
CEO, Honeywell

Let’s see…productivity lagging, growth slowing, millions of open jobs. The first wave of digitization is ending with a yawn. Fortunately, Fusion Strategy gives us a compelling vision for the next wave of digitization, one that combines new technologies -like AI and machine learning – with the legacy economy, where most people work. The results can be amazing…more competitive companies, better results, better jobs.   Fusion strategies will be the new competitive battlefield. This is a great book.

Jeff Immelt
Former Chairman and CEO, General Electric
Venture Partner, New Enterprise Associates

Fusion Strategy helps leaders understand how to create competitive advantage through collaborative intelligence – embracing the power of data, AI and other digital technologies. This is going to be central to unlocking value creation and securing the future success of every company.

Shailesh Jejurikar
Chief Operating Officer
Procter & Gamble

With its blend of practical advice, compelling case studies, and clear writing, Fusion Strategy is a must read for leaders in industrial companies seeking to navigate disruptive change. Highly recommended. 

Scott D. Anthony
Senior Partner, Innosight
Author, Dual Transformation and Eat, Sleep, Innovate.  

Industrial companies have distinctive advantages with decades of proprietary data and domain expertise. Physical things can be programmed and connected things are always learning. Fusion Strategy is a guide to unlocking significant value by codifying these advantages in the form of datagraphs. As someone who has lived through this transition, this book is a roadmap to staying relevant.

Que Dallara
Former President & CEO, Honeywell Connected Enterprise
Currently EVP & President, Medtronic Diabetes

This is a book for business leaders to understand the power of data and AI without excessive jargon and technical language. A must read to know the opportunities to unlock trapped business value by fusing the real and the digital world. Siemens AG is well on its way to create the fusion future and this book will accelerate our journey.

Peter Koerte
Chief Technology and Chief Strategy Officer, Siemens AG, Germany

As an industrial manufacturer with heavy assets, we have been exploring ways to create a digital strategy using datagraph sets available to us. In particular, the democratization of Gen AI alerts firms like ours to the urgent need to plan and execute our own fusion strategy.  This book provides an excellent and practical framework for global companies to create their own fusion strategy. VG and Venkat have pointed corporations toward a north star during some of the most challenging times. 

Kinya Seto

The AI economy requires that every industrial company develop a Fusion Strategy.  This entails merging the digital and industrial domains with data and AI.  Fusion Strategy provides a powerful framework and insights on how to do this to help leaders succeed in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. 

Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor
Chairman and CEO, InterCorp, Peru

Reading Fusion Strategy has been a truly mind-expanding experience for me.  Based on their extensive empirical research and deep reflection, Vijay Govindarajan and Venkat Venkatraman have shown us the spectacular possibilities of the fusion of industrial production with breakthrough digital technologies, driven by intelligent machines that are not only smart but brilliant. They will have high machine IQ because tomorrow’s hardware will be not only programmable but also self-programmable to dynamically enhance the productivity, efficiency and quality of industrials. The collaborative and massively augmented intelligence of humans and machines holds the promise of providing solutions to some of the most complex challenges facing our world, above all how to meet the food, healthcare, energy, mobility, urban housing and other needs in equitable, sustainable and planet-protective ways for a population estimated to reach 10 billion within the next 25 years. The book presents to production-based and utility businesses an altogether new and disruptive value creation proposition ─ value for themselves and for society as a whole. I warmly congratulate the authors and highly recommend their book to all those who are committed to creating a better world for mankind.

Mukesh D. Ambani
Chairman & Managing Director
Reliance Industries Ltd. India

The book puts forth powerful ideas on how industrial companies should combine physical assets with information assets to create value. The Mahindra Group has many asset-heavy businesses. Fusion Strategy is, therefore, essential for all our managers.

Anish Shah
CEO, Mahindra Group, India

The Tata Group operates in many industries including automobiles, steel, hospitality, and energy. We have been early adopters in understanding the importance of data and have embarked on a digital transformation led by data insights. Fusion Strategy is an important book for our leaders since it makes the case that real-time insights have now surpassed assets as the most valuable competitive advantage that every company must seek.

N. Chandrasekaran
Chairman, Tata Group and Former CEO, Tata Consultancy Services, India

Fusion future is already here. This timely book lays out the compelling logic of how industrial giants can transform from analog to digital insight companies. Highly recommend this book for leaders in every industrial company.

Anand Mahindra
Chairman, Mahindra Group, India

This book advances compelling, fresh thinking about how industrial incumbents must compete to win. Not in the ways of the industrial age but in the new ways that fuse physical and digital.  This is where India can take the lead in becoming a manufacturing powerhouse for designing “smart” products that leverage both physical assets and information assets. Hence the relevance of Fusion Strategy for India – not just for the Indian corporations but also for policy makers, to make India a global hub for smart industrial strategy.

Sudarshan Venu
Managing Director
TVS Motor Company, India

India Stands on the threshold of emerging from the back office of the world to a highly sought-after global manufacturing destination. And as witnesses to the leapfrog journey the India stack is bringing about in digital identity, governance, payments, etc., the timing of Fusion Strategy book couldn’t be more opportune. It serves as a beacon, illustrating and guiding leaders in industrials  on the path to harnessing AI technology in the creation of smart products through smart processes. This book not only underscores the imperative of integrating AI technology and industrial data graphs, but also emphasizes the pivotal role played by organizational culture, talent and the digital innovation in maintaining a competitive edge. With Fusion Strategies, Industrials of all sizes (large, medium and SMEs) can improve from being digitally deficient, to catapult ahead of the curve in the disruptive global manufacturing and supply chain landscape.

Josh Foulger
Managing Director
Bharat FIH (A Foxconn Technology Group Company) India

The future of global economy depends on a strong manufacturing base. Factories have to be built not in the way we used to build them in the 20th century industrial age but in the new ways that combine steel with silicon. India can leapfrog to become a manufacturing center of excellence for the world for “smart” products that leverage both physical and digital. The relevance of Fusion Strategy cannot be overstated in achieving this goal. Not just the Indian corporations but policy makers too must read Fusion Strategy to make India a global destination for smart industrial hub.

Neeraj Mittal
Secretary, Department of Telecommunications
Government of India

Fusion strategy puts a whole new perspective on how Industrials should compete going forward. The concept of rich industrial datagraphs that scale outside the company is a very powerful thought to develop customer centric value creation strategies, going well beyond using digital to achieve cost leadership and product enhancement. I am sure this book will stimulate thinking and action in many industrial companies to move from products to fusion solutions. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Fusion Strategy and it will form an important reference point as I think about strategy and value creation going forward.

T V Narendran
CEO & Managing Director
Tata Steel Limited, India

Fusion Strategy is a timely reminder that how we do business in the B2B space is transformed forever with the arrival of digital technologies and AI. Embracing this reality and developing a ‘Fusion strategy’ mindset will help industrial companies differentiate and unlock new value. Understanding the role of datagraphs and AI proficiency, of the fusion between the physical and digital ecosystem, the next battlegrounds and the importance of networks in delivering longer term value will all play an important role. These are some of the areas covered in a stimulating and inspiring way in Vijay and Venkat’s book. As CEO of a global organization with the ambition of reaching 2 billion people with sustainable nutrition by 2030, this thought-provoking (and action inspiring) book has provided excellent strategic insight.

Edmond Scanlon
Kerry Group plc Ireland