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Gen AI Coach

Fusion Strategy Coach
A Gen AI Initiative to Reimagine Learning in Business Education

The Need

The physical book is static and linear in delivering knowledge. Readers will have many questions the printed book cannot answer—understandably limited by the format and the number of pages.  This is where our idea to create a Gen AI coach comes into play.

Our book advises that industrial companies combine physical with digital to create and capture new pockets of value. We follow our advice and plan to combine our physical book with a digital companion, Fusion Strategy Coach, to create unique value for our readers. This digital companion is more than an e-book (Kindle or variants), or a set of videos recorded by the authors (as is often the case in the recent past).  It is an exciting way for the readers to go beyond the content that we introduce in the book and engage with the content that is generated by the AI companion. 

Our Vision: Fusion Strategy Coach

Fusion Strategy Coach is an integral complement to the book.  Our vision is to make this available and accessible to those who have purchased the book.

The Use Case

The primary use case is to elaborate on the fundamentals of Fusion Strategy. The use case has three objectives:

  • Educate executives on the frameworks and concepts of Fusion Strategy.
  • Show company examples and their fusion strategy journey.
  • Train the Bot to generate insightful answers about how the framework and concepts apply to different industries.

Think of this use case as an overview module or a keynote talk by the authors, but with each reader having the opportunity to ask questions with their own prompts.  We will provide a set of prompts to get started and guide them with the “dos and don’ts” of prompts.

We envisage a custom landing page for the Fusion Strategy book that highlights the book and guides the reader through the different areas based on their interests and proficiency.

Our goal is to assemble a set of documents on digital transformation of about 25 companies in five industries: automobiles, logistics/trucking, agriculture/farming, construction/commercial buildings, and air travel. These industries are at different stages in their evolution to their fusion futures.  We have not mentioned most of these companies in the book. Even for a few companies we have referenced in the chapters, due to space limitations, we haven’t elaborated on all of their practices. We plan to include publicly available (non-copyrighted) articles, cases, books, investor presentations, CEO speeches, etc., covering the companies and the broader industries and ecosystems in which they participate.

We will load these supplementary materials to train the Fusion Strategy Coach.  Our aim is for the readers to understand fundamental concepts such as datagraphs, digital twins, data network effects, the distinction between analog and fusion industrial products, etc. They will also understand how different companies within an industry (e.g., the automotive sector) and across industries are in various stages of developing fusion products.  Beyond what we have been able to write in the book, this allows the readers to understand the generalizability and significance of the framework.

We aim for The Fusion Strategy Coach to serve as each learner’s personal tutor.  It is (almost) as though the authors are discussing the ideas with each reader in a way tailored to their specific needs. The follow-on prompts could be tailored to each reader (and later to each company).

After you’ve read the Fusion Strategy book, please write to us. We will give you access to Fusion Strategy Coach.